Sick Building

2012, HD-Video, 16:9, Color/Silent, 7 Minutes, MDF, Steel, Skateboard Wheels, Electronics, 70 x 35 x 105 cm

[…] The title of the video installation Sick Building itself spells out the aspect of subjectivisation and embodiment of space Oppl explores in many of his works. Sick Building consists of a space model and a video created by the experimental set-up. The video shows an office floor that is gradually traversed by a viscous organic substance. The model’s rotation movement makes the substance in the video suddenly grow from the floor to the ceiling, settling there and then flowing from the side walls across the room. The laws of gravity do not seem to apply to this biomorphous liquid which appears to be alive, and it seems as if we could look into a physical interior of the room. […]

Jürgen Tabor