Romantic displays against the backdrop of life

Essentially, a housing estate with satellite dishes may be just as poetic as a picturesque building, sometimes even more so due to the unexpected tenderness occasionally wanting to be discovered within the uniformity. A tenderness that is inherent in the miniature housing estate lit from inside. While the poetry displayed here remains on the surface of the building, the changing light effects - reminiscent of a flickering TV screen - point to the life behind the façade. The certainty of unknowing is ever-present. What stories would the homes of the people tell if we could take a look inside? What happens in their living spaces concealed by curtains? A sense of otherness lingers, discretion is maintained. The viewer of the model may feel invited to muse over the pastel-coloured points of light on the façade. However, even amidst the poetic light effects uncanniness finds a way to emerge - in the form of a continuously conveyed, persisting anonymity.

Pamela Neuwirth