Point of View


[…] Similarly "uncanny" spatial situations can be found in the series Point of View, of which three works are being shown in the Neue Galerie. Black cubes mounted onto the wall play back video loops, which were produced from the installations Corridor, Flock and untitled. Their common feature is a sense that the laws of gravity have been repealed. In Flock a swarm of insects or a cloud of dust seems to move through the rooms according to its own dynamics, and there is an interruption in the sequence of rooms as well: (apparent) panning along the walls suddenly leads down a staircase. The originals for the spatial model came from various films by Alfred Hitchcock. Bernd Oppl assembled them to create a sequence of rooms. The model for the work Corridor was the corridor of "Overlook" hotel in Stanley Kubrick's film version of the Stephen King novel "The Shining". Here, the camera revolves along with the model and is "buried alive" by little white balls that flood through the room. In untitled, black balls also behave unnaturally in an impersonal space. The architectonic situation becomes the protagonist of a possible narrative. […]

Ingeborg Erhart